One Moon

by Rabbit Rabbit

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This album was an exercise to see if I could make a complete album in under a month.

It is 20 minutes of kitschy space-age AWESOME.


released April 1, 2012




Rabbit Rabbit Portland, Oregon

Critics say:

"Awesome, I love this Depeche Mode song!"

"So, what are you... like, an off-brand Daft Punk...?

"Sounds like Depeche Mode!"

"Yeah, that was definitely not, um... heteronormative."

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Track Name: Ten Bullets
If I had ten untraceable bullets
given to me by God Himself
If I had ten untraceable bullets
to put into ten human heads
without consequences

I'd go for your parents first
they were awful to you
I'd go for your parents first
they were awful to you, they were awful to you
Track Name: Lunar Dodgeball
come have fun with me
in a fraction of the normal gravity
come have fun with me
in a fraction of the normal gravity
Track Name: Коробейники
Oy polnym polna mоya korobushka

Yest' i sitets i parcha.
Pozhaley, dusha-zaznobushka,
Molodetskogo plecha.

Vyydu, vyydu v rozh' vysokuyu,
Tam do nochki pogozhu,
Kak zavizhu chernookuyu,
Vse tovary razlozhu.

Tseny sam platil nemalyye,
Ne torguysya, ne skupis',
Podstavlyay-ka gubki alyye,
Blizhe k molodtsu sadis'.

Vot uzh pala noch' tumannaya,
Zhdyot udalyy molodets.
Chu, idyot! – prishla zhelannaya,
Prodayot tovar kupets.
Track Name: Singularity
My friend, you should get yourself a new man
the one you've got can't do for you what I can
he's a loser, you really deserve more
I'm a 12/10 and he's so 4x4

I know it's a long shot but let me dream
you've never been hurt so you'll never know what I mean

If I were to ever get my way
I suppose to world would just stop spinning
it would cause some kind of singularity
if I were to start winning
but tonight at least I swear to you
I'll get what I want
so you will jump
when I tell you to jump
Track Name: Roboslave
let the killer robot have his way
he promised not to make us all his slaves
I don't trust the look that's in his eye
perhaps we all should run the hell away

stupid killer robot thinking he can just do whatever he wants...
just because he's decimated everything and everyone I've ever loved...